Wednesday, April 10, 2013

First post and comeback

Hi everyone,
Welcome to my newly created blog. I'm planning on enlightening you on everything TradeSkillMaster and goldmaking related or at least I'll try.
So I've picked up WoW and goldmaking again last saturday. When I stopped playing about half a year ago I donated my 1 mil gold to the guild and friends I had been playing with for a long time and only had 8k left. I'm part of the TradeSkillMaster team and have been able to test out TSM 2.0 and I need to say, Sapu and Bart39 did a great job. Everything is still a bit rough and I've created a pretty long ToDo list for them, but the main functions work (although some things need a workaround).
I will try to give you a sneak preview of TSM 2.0 on a 2 or 3 day basis. Starting today, here's a screenshot of the summary tab of the renewed accounting module. 

As you can see this is the new Summary tab of accounting. It will show you income from sales, other income, purchases, other expenses and this is combined to form the balance. It also tracks CoD. As you can see I made 38k since last friday, only being active on my main shaman jewelcrafter + enchanter. So you could say I'm having a pretty good comeback.
I hope to be back friday evening with a new sneak preview.
Cya, Cryan

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