Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fresh Lvl 1 Goblin 1k Quest

Hey all,

So it's been a while since I've made a post. The weather has been nice, I have been busy with my study and TSM 2.0 has been coming allong very well. The other reason there hasn't been a post is that I've been streaming quite some times.

5 days ago i decided to make a lvl 1 goblin shaman on a new realm (EU-Kazzak), starting with 0 gold, no alts to fall back on and no help from friends and other people.
But as I am a goldmaking goblin I gave myself a challenge. I had to make 1k gold in a week. And guess what, 5 days in and I'm lvl 30, at 1049g, I got 3 imperial amethysts, other cheap materials, bags and some other stuff. Here's a screenshot.

You might wonder how I did it? Many of you don't know that there is this thing called a Vendor Search scan in TradeSkillMaster (yes also 1.0). It searches for items on the auction house that you can sell to a vendor for a profit.

As you can see this scan here, made me about 4.5g. It's not a lot, but when you start with 0 gold its a good place to start and the only thing you have to do for it is buy the items and sell them to a vendor. One of the scans even made me 65g.

Once I got myself about 50g I was able to flip cheap items. I found 3 heavy savage leather for 6g each ............ I sold them for 350g!!!

The second thing I did when the gold rolled in was buying vendor items.

What's new in TSM 2.0 is that it cache's vendor buy prices. Once you visit a vendor it records for what price you can buy the items (from jeweler's settings to vendor pets), as you can see on the screenshot.
In the middle of the screenshot are the items that I've been selling on the AH, all of them (except the jewelers setting and enchanting vellum) are availabe from the traveler's tundra mammoth and since I'm a goblin I get full exalted price reduction.
And look at these sales

Crystal vials for 25g?  Rune thread for 25g? Why not!! All easy money for no work at all.
So what's next?
That's right, a server transfer. This week only blizzard is offering 50% price reduction to all character services. I think I will transfer my shaman, hunter, paladin, mage, lock and priest to Kazzak-EU while this action lasts. Why you might ask, well some friends of mine moved their guild over to Kazzak, it has the #2 auction house in the EU with 16.106.518g on it at all time, has a lot of raiding and a lot of Horde players.

So, I guess I need to prepare my characters to be moved over. Do you guys and girls have any tips to get as much gold over as possible?


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  1. Orbs of Mystery. 18k vendor price if exalted, can be sold on AH for similar price. I took 20 of them when i transfered. had to sell them for 17500 in the end so lost 500g on each, but still took almost 400k extra over.
    Or just pay Bliz and extra few bucks and transfer a guide over with 1mill in.