Thursday, April 11, 2013

Auction House Data Api's still down!

Hey everyone,
just a short post explaining whats going on with Blizzards Api's handling the auction house data. Those of you using the TSM App have probably noticed that their latest update of auction data has been a long time ago.
Below is a screenshot for my current situation:

As you can see from wowuction in the middle, my last scan has been 2385 mins ago. On a lot of realms this is even a lot more, since my realm got scanned once or twice past monday. On the right side is theunderminejournal . All the realms with the broken tower icons haven't had their auction houses scanned for more then 6 hours, so check yours. The TSM App will keep on trying to download new info. For some german realms is has been 2 weeks since they've been updated. The problem also affects the Remote Auction House. Nobody knows when blizzard will fix this and it will probably be "SOON©" .
Hoping this is enough info for you and that it will be fixed soon,

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